ECO House in France

If you're interested in building an ECO House in France then think about contacting us because we always welcome the opportunity to showcase our renewable energy products/skills.

We can :-

  • * Help you find a suitable plot of land
  • * Put you in touch with local trades (South West France)
  • * Work with you to design your ECO Home in France
  • * Help you find the best grants and subsidies for your project

In return they would like to feature your project on our web site using photographs, short films and lots of information about how you worked together to achieve the end result.

We've over four years experience of designing and installing renewable energy systems in France that make the most of the sunshine, prevailing winds and the truly beautiful surroundings.

For more information please send an email, with some brief information about your project to:-

You don't often get the chance to have access to so much free help and advice to build a dream ECO home in France, so don't miss out and contact us today. Please include your full contact information and where in France you're thinking of building your ECO home.